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Yunlin County Police Department to provide malfunctioned traffic signal light reporting system, available via telephone or the Internet

unlin County Government News Reference 104.9.7

To offer more timely repair service, the Yunlin County Police Department has introduced two failure reporting systems, "Report via telephone" and "Report via Internet”, which allow the public to assist in providing repair information to the police department, including the location of failure and failure conditions. The police department will be able to facilitate repairs timelier, and better ensures the safety of pedestrians.

To report via phone: please dial "05-5326154." To report via internet: Enter and click on “public service inquiring system/traffic signal light malfunction reporting”

The police department also urges drivers to comply with traffic rules to keep our roads a safer place; do not drink and drive, do not speed, do not run a red light, and remember to put on a helmet when riding a motorcycle. After all, "Safely" is the only way home.