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The Yunlin County Tax Department offers case status checking service via QR-code for instant access

Yunlin County Government News Reference 104.10.5

As mobile phones become more popular and accessible, the Yunlin County Tax Department offers the option of using QR-code for instant status checking to the public.

At the Tax Department’s service counter, two ways of case status checking are available:

Log on to, then click into “Public services”, followed by “Case status inquiry”, then enter the center collection number and verification code to check for case status A QR-code will be provided as each case is collected at the central collection window in the Tax Department. You may simply scan the QR-code to check for case status. The status is updated every 12 hour

The Tax Department aims to provide more convenient services to the public. Please call the toll-free service number at 0800-556969 any inquires or questions.