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FUN imagination SHOW creativity - Magistrate Chang Li-shan visited Yunlin County 109th Annual English Learning Competition to encourage students

"Yunlin Education ․ Show English Ability" Yunlin County's 2020 English Learning and Art Competition would be held at Yunlin Elementary School from October 20th. The Four-day competitions including English singing, English storytelling, English reader theater and English word king attracted about 2,000 students to participate. There were 105 teams participating in the team competition. Schools across the county participated actively, and the English learning and art competition was regarded as the best opportunity to show the school's English teaching achievements. Magistrate Chang Li-shan took the time to be there this morning to affirm and encourage the participating students. It is an honor to be able to represent the school in the competition and hope that the students would have the best performance and achieve good results.