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2021.11.01 Yunlin County has multiple appointments for COVID-19 vaccines, from individuals, businesses to communities, to enhance herd immunity

Today's Epidemic Report
Today, there are no local cases nationwide and 5 new cases of overseas immigration; there are no new deaths among the confirmed cases. There are no new cases in this county. The county has 22 local confirmed cases (from May 1, 2021 to date), and the cumulative number of local cases and overseas immigration is 47 (from December 2019 to date).

According to the command center, today there are 5 new cases of immigration from abroad, 3 males and 2 females, aged in their 10s to 40s, and 5 of them are from Ukraine (Case 16523), Myanmar (Case 16524), Indonesia (2 cases, case 16525, case 16526), Nepal (case 16527) entered the country, and the entry date is October 29, this year (2021).