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How do parents of a child born out of wedlock to a foreign national father and R.O.C. national mother file the childs household registration? How does the biological father file for paternity?

(I) Filing for household registration:

1. Application Process:

(1) Child born in the R.O.C.
a. The biological mother shall file an application with the household registry office of her residence.
b. When the biological mother cannot apply in person, a representative may file on her behalf.

(2) Child born abroad
a. If the child is younger than 12 entering the R.O.C. using a R.O.C. passport, entry permit, or foreign passport, and if the mother has legal residency status in Taiwan, the mother may apply for permanent residency for the child and, with that, apply for household registration.
b. If the child is older than 12, an application must be filed in accordance with Articles 5,6,9 and 11 of the "Regulation for Household Registration and Registration for R.O.C. Nationals Remaining for Short and Long Term".

2. Required Documents

(1). Child born in the R.O.C.
a. Applicants identification and seal (or signature).
b. Mothers household registration.
c. Original of birth certificate.

(2). Child born abroad
a. Application for residency (plus three photographs).
b. Copy of transient residency registration.
c. Original identification from country of residency prior to arrival in Taiwan.
d.Original of birth certificate notarized by R.O.C. embassy/consulate/trade office.
e. Original of R.O.C. or foreign passport with entrance permit stamp documenting arrival in the R.O.C. via plane or ship.
f. Mothers Household registry.

(II) Registration for Adoption by Biological Parent

1. Application Process
(1) The Adopting parent shall apply through the district Civil Administration Office of the childs registered address.
(2) When adopting parent is not able to apply in person, s/he may appoint a representative by power of attorney (power of attorney established abroad must be notarized by a R.O.C. embassy/consulate/trade office); that person with power of attorney must be approved by jurisdictional Civil Administration Office.
(3) If the childs biological father has a Chinese surname, the child may assume the fathers surname.
(4) Residency and citizen status will be lost upon adoption by a foreign parent.

2. Required Documentation
(1) Written adoption documents.
(2) Applicants proof of identification and seal (or signature).
(3) Childs household registry and R.O.C. identification (except in cases where R.O.C. ID has not been issued).