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Beigang Heroes Temple (Grade 3 Relic)

*Beigang Heroes Temple (Grade 3 Relic)
In 1786, LIN, Shuan-Wen and CHUAN, Ta-Tien jointly attacked Juro (Chiayi City) and invaded into Bengang the next year. In order to protect their homes and properties, residents of Bengang recruited young men to form a paramilitia with a smart dog to guard day and night. Further next year, failed in night patrol and guard, all of them were killed in a night attack of the bandit, 108 and one dog. The following end of the year, Ching court dispatched Fukangan and troop to sweep the bandit and offered a Banner “Jingyi” (Commemorate the loyal acts).

Since the building of Jingyi House, it had been rebuilt for several times to be the way it is now and became the Heroes Temple of today and there is a stone engraved of General Loyal Dog as the spiritual plate and dedicated at the rear palace for worshiping. It is respected and worshiped as the other 4es. At later part of May in lunar calendar, local people come here to pay their respect in turns and the ceremony held in Bengang area is called Heroes Public Worshipping”.
* Transportation Information
 Address: No. 20, Jingyi St. Beigang Township, Yunlin county