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3 Yes’s and 7 No’s for Job Seekers2015-11-02
What are the penalties for businesses engage in brokerage or re-sale activities without obtaining the necessary qualifications?2015-10-30
Please follow the instructions for use of pesticide when harvesting rice2015-10-30
A fruitful result from the Yunlin District Prosecutors Office and the Yunlin County Police Department joint enforcement projects to reduce illegal actions prior to major elections2015-10-30
The taxing authorities ask the public to cooperate when inquired for taxable income and related information2015-10-23
Clarification Release: The conclusion in the EIA was rejected by the Supreme Court on 7/21/20102015-10-23
The 2015 Sewage Manhole Cover Decoration Contest Begins2015-10-23
Contents of real estate advertisement should be accurate and should include the name of the brokerage firm2015-10-20
Real estate transactions should be filed on time via the Real-time Reporting System platform to avoid penalty2015-10-19
Construction work to be performed on Donan Fude Land Bridge2015-10-16
Public Servant Artist “Lee-Rui-Shan” to debut his latest work “The Beauty of Kanman – 19th Ink Exhibition of Lee Rui-Shan”2015-10-16
The amended “An Instruction to Real Estate” is available on 1st Oct2015-10-12
The Yunlin County Tax Department offers case status checking service via QR-code for instant access2015-10-05
The Yunlin County Police Department initiated “Protect the Farms” program, in effort to reduce produce thefts2015-10-02
The 104th Land value tax to be collected, please update address accordingly2015-09-24
National Tsunami Drill and De-drill on 21st September2015-09-24
A reminder to report missing foreign labors2015-09-22
Road Safety for Cyclists2015-09-22
Registration for “Community Film Appreciation Workshop“ opens today!2015-09-16
Reminder to owners of primary residential land to file for household registration before 9/22 and qualify for a preferential tax rate2015-09-10