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Please take precautions on arrival of the Northeast monsoon for worsening air quality2015-12-07
Labor-management counseling sessions proved to be effective2015-12-07
High-speed Rail Shuttle Bus in operation, free for all county residents during the first month2015-12-02
The Control Yuan local government agency will be available to take in public appeals on 12/3 in the County Government Office2015-12-01
Please come to the 104th year Yunlin County Carnival of Food Safety on 11/28 in the Humanities Park2015-12-01
The warming ceremony for Yunlin Police Volunteer Association Office2015-12-01
Real-transaction registration system helps reduce disputes arise from land expropriation2015-11-25
The power of uniting protects the right of labors2015-11-25
2015 Symposium for Legal Issues on Emerging Technologies to be held on the 23rd at Yuntech University2015-11-20
“Happy Tax Advocacy Month in Yunin” promotional event will be hosted on 11/12 in Douliu Sports Park, with many gifts available. Participations are encouraged.2015-11-19
Yunlin county government answers the demand from occupational-injured labors2015-11-18
The legal labor hours per week will be reduced to 40 hours starting 1/1/1052015-11-16
Friendly work environment = support workshops for the disabled2015-11-13
The county government requests Formosa Mailiao power plant to shed generation loading to improve the air quality2015-11-13
Nationwide Mentally Challenged Parent-Child Sports Event Torch Relay2015-11-11
Any dispute with taxable amount or fine should be filed for review with the tax authorities before the application deadline2015-11-11
Online voting for public toilets begins, with many good prizes!2015-11-09
Yunlin’s Advocacy for Birth Rate Stimulating Policy event will be organized in Zhengnan Primary School on 14th November2015-11-06
Poor air quality detected recently, the public should take protective measures, and the EPA will strictly enforce against any violations2015-11-05
The Beigang Chinese Medical University re-classified land goes on auction2015-11-03