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  • Publisher:吳永龍
  • Data source:資訊管理科

I. Authorization type and scope

In order to maximize the applications of website information by all people, all the information and materials published on the Yunlin County Government webpages are protected under the scope of copyright. They are free of charge, non-exclusive and able to be re-authorized to be applied by the public with no time or venue restrictions. Users can reproduce, revise, edit, transfer or make most of the information and materials to develop new products or services (abbreviated as the derivatives) . The authorization will not withdraw after authorized and the users don't need to get the approval or the formal authorization in any format; however, the users should cite the reference sources.

II. Explanations:

(I)The authorization scope is limited under the copyright protection scope and beyond the other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the patent, trademark and logo of the institute.

(II)The subject published or disclosed personal information based on the regulatory policies should be compliant with the act on protection of personal information while being planned and implemented as required by laws.

(III)Some videos, sounds, images, lyrics, project contents or personal writings with the special claims to be used with permissions should be applied only after permitted.

III. No the third party's moral right infringement allowed (including the right of paternity and integrity).

IV. The information and materials provided through the authorization on the website must not be altered with any malicious intention. If there is any change and different from the provided information and materials, the users should bear the derivative legal liabilities due to the civil cases or criminal cases.

V. The authorization on the website doesn't grant the users to represent the institute to suggest, recognize or agree any derivative.