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Magistrate Chang Li-shan succeeded in setting up an egg in seconds and hopes that traditional customs and culture would continue to spread2024-06-11
The Ministry of Agriculture announced that Huwei Town, Tuku Town, Baozhong Township and Yuanchang Township in Yunlin County are areas for handling cash relief for natural disasters involving edible corn.2024-06-05
Yunlin International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp, the best and most brain-burning camp in Taiwan area, opens for registration today!2024-05-28
The section of National Freeway No. 1 northbound from Xiluo to Beidou (227.9k-225.6k) 5/6~10 and 5/13~17 would close some lanes for construction. Please pay attention when driving.2024-05-07
Yunlin County Government announces the leasing case for "Temporary parking lot off Zhongshan Road, Tuku Town, Yunlin County". We sincerely welcome bids.2024-04-29
National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra-NTSO & Hsin Yi Charity picture book "The Penguin and the Red Rooster" Concert - 4/13 Yunlin Performance Hall Performance2024-04-11
2024 Walking with the Gods in Yunlin would draw millions of luxury cars. Invoice login would be opened on March 15th.2024-03-19
Xifan Life Festival would be launched on 4/21. Magistrate Chang Li-shan invites the public to come to Xiluo to enjoy fruit picking.2024-03-13
The flowers are all blooming! The Shibi Beauty Valley instantly turned into a pink wonderland. 90% of the cherry blossoms in the mountains and valleys were in full bloom. More than 400,000 cherry blossom viewing people flocked to it in 3 weeks!2024-02-28
"Love and Justice" Wang Xiuqi's Sculpture Exhibition would be launched at the Yunlin Cultural Center Exhibition Hall on February 16th!2024-02-16
Erlun Township Big Cabbage is ripe and open for consumers to pick and buy2024-01-16
The county government invested more than 17 million yuan to improve Dongshi 3 roads. Magistrate Chang Li-shan: Strengthen road quality to protect villagers’ road safety2024-01-09
Yunlin County Government and the Central Weather Administration of the Ministry of Transportation And Communications signed an MOU. Magistrate Chang Li-shan: Accelerate the promotion of sustainable and resilient agriculture and cities2023-12-28
Yunlin County promotes the completion and opening of central kitchens in rural schools. Magistrate Chang Li-shan: Optimizing the dietary care of rural students and deepening food and agriculture education2023-12-14
"Experience the unique charm of Yunlin! The 3rd Yunlin Kite Surfing Open Competition took off from Sanjorun on the 28th, setting a record for the highest number of participants in a national kitesurfing event."2023-11-05
A different Yunlin! Taiwan's first wind and hydrofoil racing competition attracted nearly 70 contestants take off with their "wings"2023-11-05
Taipei Grass-Mountain folk Orchestra's "Taiwan Hearts and Bamboo Love" concert was performed at Yunlin Performance Hall2023-11-02
Listening to music at the Erlun Huitou House, Magistrate Chang Li-shan and the villagers experience the simple beauty of Zhao'an culture2023-10-16
Yunlin County Supervisors and Special Personnel Obtained ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Internal Verification Personnel Training Certificate to Accelerate the Process of Sustainable Development and Carbon Reduction2023-10-03
The transaction amount of Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition reached a new high. Magistrate Chang Li-shan: To achieve sustainable development of agriculture2023-09-26