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Please do not raise or feed Taiwanese macaques arbitrarily, the maximum penalty for arbitrary hunting is 300,000!2021-04-09
Guarding the health of the police - Yunlin County Police version of Tianlun D+ card is officially launched2021-03-30
Environmental protection promoters gathered in the private sector, Yunlin County 109th private enterprises and organizations implemented green procurement and won special prizes2021-03-26
Romantic Love Month Enjoy the sweet taste buds - YUNLIN GOODS' March Online Shopping Festival has begun!2021-03-10
Payment is more convenient and safer - Yunlin County expands the implementation of multiple payment of miscellaneous fees for elementary and middle schools2021-02-25
The "Drug Addicts and Disadvantaged Youth Employment Assistance Program" supports employment hopes with caring companionship2021-02-20
Non-stop environmental epidemic prevention and disinfection, Yunlin County strengthens campus and public areas disinfection before school starts2021-02-18
Caring about the results of road improvement - Magistrate Chang Li-shan sees the project of second phase of the system integration and improvement plan for the Huwei streets surroundings 2021-01-26
Dounan Interchange Special District Industrial Zone - spawns a smart food processing and warehousing logistics park 2021-01-18
The two-year anniversary of the Inauguration - Yunlin New Deal - Magistrate Chang Li-sha breaks through the wind and waves2020-12-25
Strengthen the biosecurity of pastures and prevent diseases and ensure safety2020-12-10
The quality of toilets is further improved, and the public toilets in Yunlin County have achieved good results2020-11-20
Yunlin County Tourism Factory Association is ready! 11/9 submit social group application2020-11-10
FUN imagination SHOW creativity - Magistrate Chang Li-shan visited Yunlin County 109th Annual English Learning Competition to encourage students2020-10-20
"Invoices for charity - Digging for Flea-Market Treasures" The Revenue Service Bureau, Yunlin County invites you to share invoices for charity2020-10-12
Density of Spodoptera litura rises, urge farmers to strengthen control2020-09-26
From 9/16 onwards, the maximum amount of tax paid by supermarkets is increased to 30,000, and more diversified payment methods2020-09-14
Art Shining Art-Yunlin Art Season kicks off2020-08-24
[Make the fake come true] Theater version 8/23 Beigang Cultural Center performance2020-08-21
Grandparents' Day celebrations in Yunlin County debut on 8/15, welcome people to participate2020-07-29