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Magistrate Chang, Li-shan

Chang, Li-shan


  • Yunlin County Ma Guang Elementary School
  • Yunlin County Tuku Junior High School
  • Taichung City Stella Matutina Girls' High School
  • Department of Industrial Management, National Formosa University
  • Graduate Institute of Sport and Leisure, National Taiwan Normal University


  • Nurse, China Medical University Peikang Hospital
  • Executive Director, Yunlin County Spinal Cord Injury Association
  • Founder and Board Director, Taiwan Agricultural Association
  • President of Yunlin County Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairperson, Yunlin County China Youth Corps
  • Chairman, Yulin County Girl ScoutsCouncil
  • Chairperson, Huwei Qingxi Women's League
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ritouhua Sister Association
  • Chairman, Qingbu Education Foundation

Administrative Experience︰

  • A Member of the 9th Legislative Yuan, Republic of China
  • Executive Director, Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Joint Services Center, Executive Yuan
  • A Member of the 6th Legislative Yuan, Republic of China

A List of Recognition:

  • Passed the 5A Quality Legislator Assessment that is conducted by the “Pocket Congress”, an organization that supervises the Legislative Yuan
  • Passed the Quality Legislator Assessment that is conducted by Citizen Congress Watch.

Present Position︰

  • Yunlin County Magistrate