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Deputy Magistrate_Xie, Shu-ya

Xie, Shu-ya


  • Private Hsing Kuo Senior High School
  • Department of English Language and Literature, Soochow University
  • Master's Degree in Education, University of Wisconsin, USA


  • Adjunct Lecturer in English, National Formosa University
  • Chairperson, Huwei Qingxi Women's League
  • Speaker, invited to give a short speech in Los Angeles City Council in 2016

Administrative Experience︰

  • City Mayor, Douliu City (The 9th and the 10th term)
  • Chief of Staff, Yunlin County Farmer's Association
  • Councilor, the 16th Yunlin County Council
  • Township Mayor, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County (The 13th and the 14th term)

A List of Recognition:

  • The Ten Outstanding Young Women of Yunlin County (The 1st campaign of Political Category)
  • Manager Excellence Award of Yunlin and Chiayi (The 7th Non-Governmental Organization, NGO)
  • Awarded Outstanding Library Leaders by Ministry of Education, Local Leadership Contribution Award 2016.

Present Position︰

  • Yunlin County Deputy Magistrate