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Yunlin is located at the central-south portion of western Taiwan and is at the northern tip of Jianan (Jiayi – Tainan) Plain. Nantou County links to its eastern part and Taiwan Strait at its west. Beigang River separate it from Jiayi County and in the north side, Zhuoshui River separated it from Zhanghua. The widest place from east to west is 50 KM and longest distance south-north is 38 KM with total area of the County at 1290.8351 square kilometers. 90% of it is plain and 10% of it is hilly terrain. The weather is of sub-tropical climate with annual average temperature of 22.6℃ and annual average rainfall of 1028.9 mm. Population of Yunlin County is about 735,000.

Geographical locations of various cities and counies

yunlin map