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Mouth Painting Artist YuChen Lin’s Art Gallery Show2013-10-25
As the newspaper mentioned that “Douliu Citys air to be worst, medicine roll-call sixth naphtha cracker”, the Yunlin County EPA had response relevant explanations.2013-10-21
National Agriculture Machinery & Materials Exhibition 2013 Starts from Oct.19 to 21 at Huwei High-speed Railway Special District2013-10-21
Completion of Agriculture Expo pavilions as expected, estimate this will bring 230 millions profits2013-10-14
Yunlin County Games Opening Ceremony was held in Dounan Stadium2013-10-02
China Medical University Park in Beigang Township is opened to2013-10-02
Tablet PC will be give away to Celebrate the official Line account for Yunlin Agriculture Expo - So far it has twenty thousand members2013-10-01
2013 Yunlin County Games starts on Sept. 272013-09-23
Wukuai Community Rural Renewal Project Actitvity2013-09-10
Environmental-friendly soy ink and Recycled Papers are used to publish "Go Farmer! Agriculture Expo Information Blog"2013-09-06
Road and bridge closure information - 15:00, Sept. 32013-09-03
Dounan Train Station will be connected with Huwei bike trail by the end of this November2013-08-30
A combine Achievement from Hearing Impaired Students and Product Integration of Diverse Marketing Plan2013-08-26
Huwei Township won the "Taiwan Top 10 Happiness Trips"2013-08-19
A new idea from an 70 years old Rice Mill - Le Rei Workshop researches and develops Rice Ice Cream2013-08-02
County historic site, the former "Erlun Police Station," has been transformed into a Erlun Story House2013-08-01
A Chinese Movie,The Rooftop, attracted much attention at the Special Preview Event2013-07-19
Tuku Babi Fried Chicken is a healthy, stylish, and environmentally friendly Snack Bar recommended by Magistrate Su Chih-Fen2013-07-16
Begin Shooting Micro Film for Agriculture Expo and Promoting Agriculture Expo Official Website2013-07-08
Art craft Technology Exhibition2013-06-27