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Exquisite Agriculture, Fishery and Livestock Farming

  Yunlin is an agricultural county with 68% of farmland in its total area. Due to its fertile land and good weather, Yunlin has many kinds of agriculture products in different seasons.

  Recently, in cope with the impact of joining WTO on Taiwan agriculture, the county government has been trying its best to help farmers to improve their techniques in framing toward fine farming, so to increase their competitiveness. Besides, the county government handles actively an integrated program of farmland using to improve the production environment; it also propels each rural township to have its own special local product that is fine, economic and specialized. The country government will establish a distribution center for all agricultural products of Yunlin County in hope to open a wide way for the farmers through integration of production, marketing and distribution.

  With excellent fishing grounds along the coast of Yunlin, there are several leading fishing ports such as Boziliao Fishing Port, Santiaolun Fishing Port, Taixi Fishing Port, Taizicun Fishing Port, and Jinhu Fishing Ports.

  Taixi Experimental Fishing Ground, Seawater Fish Farming Research Center, Aquaculture Experimental Station, Agriculture Council of Executive Yuan is established in Taixi Township to help the development of fishing industry.

  Besides, the county government also plans to develop tourist and recreational fishing, and establishes a holiday fish market in Buozihliao Fishing Port in hope to attract more visitors and help the tourist industry to develop.

  The livestock farming is running well in Yunlin, which includes pigs, cows, Chickens, geese, and ducks. Recently, the county government has been aggressively helping the dairy farmers to upgrade their feeding techniques. The county government also set up a meat-packing company using machine-cutting livestock with auction by computer. This company is operated by specialists that will make more profits for the framers.