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Emerging Technical and Industrial Boom Town in Taiwan

  The area of industrial park in Yunlin County is16.540 hectares that covering one third of total industrial area in Taiwan that will be an important industrial township in the future. There are Fongtian, Yuanzhang, Douliu and Douliu Expanded Industrial Parks currently open to the industry where Mayuan, Mamingshan, and Douliu-Linnei Industrial Parks are under construction.

  The Yunlin Off-Shore Industrial Zone, covering roughly 15,680 hectares, where the 6th Naphtha Cracking Plant and Mailiao Industrial Port located with a total investment of 400 billion NTD. Both Phase 1 and 2 projects have been completed while Phase 3 and 4 are currently under construction. Veterans Construction Corp. is developing Sin-sing Industrial Zone which located on the south to Mailiao Section. Yunlin Technology Industrial Park, which covers 590 hectares, is planned to integrate industrial production with living and recreational functions. There are three sections of the park. Dabeishr Section covering 264 hectares attracts 18 newly developed high-tech companies.

  This section is mainly for the new and developing technology industries. At the moment there are 18 firms who have set up their plants to produce in this section, such as Asahi Glass Company of Japan. Zhuweizi Section which covers 267 hectares is planned to be the export processing zone for textile industry, which is a joint-venture of Department of Processing Export Zone, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan Textile Company. The Zhuweizi Section will be completed in Aug. 2004.

  Under the consideration of environment protection, Yunlin Technology Industrial Park and Yunlin Off-Shore Industrial Zone have been introducing high-tech petrochemical and energy industries. This is not only to ensure the economic growth of Taiwan, but also let Yunlin County become the most important foundation of basic industries.