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The Renascence and Reconstruction of Douliou Roundabout

  Douliou City is the place where Yunlin County Government located. As the gate to the Yunlin County, Douliou should have a landmark as other international cities do. The landmark of the city is also a recreational spot for residents and tourist. The old Traffic Circle of Douliou was dark and crowded of trees. Some senior citizens played Chinese chess there at day-time. But at nigh no one was willing to go there.

  Yunlin County Government transformed the circle into a recreational spot by reconstructing the structure, adding fountain equipments for water dancing program, and building sidewalks connecting to Taiping Historical Blocks. The budget of the construction cost 40 million NTD granted from central government. The Circle was re-opened on Middle Autumn Festival, 2001 and turned out to be the most attractive spot in Douliou. From day to night, visitors come here to enjoy the water dance.