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Rejuvenation of Huwei sugar refinery recreates the energetic city of sugar-Huwei Township

The “Main street of Huwei” is in an important part of Huwei market. In the north, the Hand Puppet Museum leads the cultural and historical inheritance. Along the street, you can find the elements of the old historical street. Despite the heavy traffic in the market, the boom and glory in the past is still faintly visible. On the other hand, the diversified sugar industry of Taiwan and green land in the park on the south side, vigorous and dynamic National Formosa University on the west side, and the rapid development of the surrounding emerging commercial areas all make an interesting contrast. The railways not only witness the historical development of sugar industry but also leave a deep impression on people of the booming and glorious development of primary industry. The railways awake the memory of the beloved cultural Huwei street and interweaving the old with the new. The key axes known as history, culture and landscape should take the important responsibility to connect the three areas.