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Coral trees blossom in the fertile land by the Zhuoshui River-Citong Township

Five-hundred jia irrigation canal in Citong Township, now known as Luchangke irrigation canal, was created and co-funded by several rich people including Youcheng Wang in Sankuaicuo, Xiluo Street in the first year of the Jiaqing reign of Qing dynasty (1796). The irrigation canal draws water from the Zhuoshui River to provide irrigation for the paddy fields and is the most important production area of high-quality Zhuoshui rice in Taiwan. The high-quality Zhuoshui rice in Citong, selected as top 10 high-quality rice in Taiwan, is included in the Traceability System and ranks third on the certification list nationwide. “Zhuoshui rice in Five-hundred jia irrigation canal” is shining all over Taiwan! Besides the rice, Citong is known as the “Capital of agriculture” of Yunlin County with other famous produce like soft-branch star fruit, garlic, screen-house water spinach, etc. The Yunlin County Government actively helps farmers build the Traceability system, raise brand awareness of Yunlin’s high-quality agricultural products and increase produce value and income for farmers.