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The land of melons and fruits by the Zhuoshui River ─Erlun Township

The Zhuoshui River with long history is a perfect place to grow the well-known “Erlun watermelon” and the long-standing Zhaoan Hakka culture set down roots in the fertile land by the river and was distributed widely. To increase agriculture revenue, the County Government has actively planned and reorganized the Ziqiang fruit and vegetable market, improved transaction environment, held Watermelon Festival and Erlun watermelon evaluation event to build the brand image of Erlun watermelons. To promote Zhaoan Hakka culture, the County Government established Hakka Cultural Park, rescued Huilaicuo’s residential buildings, built Laihui activity center with Hakka features and promoted Hakka language learning, hoping Zhaoan Hakka culture would grow and develop in this fertile land.