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Safe homeland, Happy Taixi-Taixi Township

By the No. 17 Provincial Highway on Xiding Village, Taixi Township, there is a red brick house, the well-known “Haikou No.7”. Every year when typhoon comes, all the SNG vehicles from TV stations will invariably come here to shoot the water flooding images and they never come home empty-handed. Besides Xiding, there are two more “well-known flooded areas” in Taixi, Lunfeng Elementary school and Wutiaogang respectively. The flooded images taken in both places have been shown on TV a million times. It almost becomes a “special scenic spot” during typhoon seasons. But things have changed in recent years. The County Government has launched flood regulation project in the Taixi area with appropriate measures and models. There might still be sporadic flooding incidents but overall, the situation has been improved significantly. It is believed that after the mid- and long-term flood regulation project is finished, Taixi flooding will become history.