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The green pomelo city that travels through time and space ─Douliu City

From a traditional city to an industrial and commercial hub, from an agriculture capital to a modern university city, Douliu’s appearance has been changing and gradually laying the foundation for its position as an agriculture capital and a leading city. The city is built around the concept of a convenient, accessible and friendly life for citizens and endows the city with vitality on education, humanities, leisure, etc. Douliu city has made plenty of groundbreaking progress and some conceptual pioneering work, aiming to break the stereotype development. Douliu’s progress has caught attention and its development is even starling. Blocked by transportation, the city’s development cannot cross the other side of the railways despite its short distance. But when we do, it’s an epoch making progress. Urban development is usually dynamic, leaping and changing. The commercial area located on Minsheng South Road, Douliu shows dynamic development because of the launch of the green Pomelo House. The development of urban Douliu will have leapfrog development after the old police dorms are reused. When the development is completed, a modern and user-friendly green pomelo city will emerge.