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Home of pickled Taiwanese cabbage-Dapi Township

By the Provincial Highway 1 (also known as The North-South Highway), Dapi Township is among a few towns that still has the simple rural landscape. The Three Mountains King Temple on Taihe Street demonstrates villagers’ diligent and simple spirits and respect and fear of gods. Pickled cabbage preserving in Dapi Township has more than 100 years of history. Pickled cabbages in Yunlin accounts for more than 80% of total production nationwide. Most of them come from Dapi where you can find the pickled cabbage preserving pools and smell the cabbage everywhere. Healthy and green consumption concepts have been popular in recent years. To improve the quality of the pickled cabbages, the County Government is helping farmer groups improve processing equipment and reduce pickled cabbage waste and salt water pollution to make Dapi pickled cabbage famous for its sanitation and environmental protection.