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Home of black peanuts─ Yuanchang Township

Yuanchang Township is an important agricultural town in Yunlin County with major crops as rice, peanuts, garlics, edamames, burdocks, etc. with peanuts having the largest planting area and the highest production nationwide. Black peanut is the most well-known local specialty. Being the lucrative cash crops, burdocks are one of the major income sources for farmers. The County Government actively helps build brands and channels for local produce. Black peanuts from Yuanchang are even well known in Japan. The agricultural county has a larger aging population in need of care. Therefore, the County Government first developed adult day care services. Besides food services, the Government also developed the widely-recognized “Senior citizen adult education program”, providing various courses and a LOHAS lifestyle for senior citizens. The Government has overcome many difficulties to improve Yuanchang’s street traffic to protect residents’ safety.