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A livable small town with a LOHAS lifestyle-Tuku Township

Tuku Township is an old cultural town with the longest history in the Greater Huwei region. Shuntian Temple is where the religion center and the commercial street of the town are located. As a saying goes, “Beigang is the center of Mazu worshipper in the north whereas Tuku is equally matched in Mazu’s presence in the south,” and “Mazu in Shuntian Temple has powerful presence and can reach anywhere,” confirms that the Mazu worship in Shuntian Temple has a long history. With the change of time, the past boom has faded away. Tuku has favorable conditions to become a LOHAS town considering its transportation hub advantage, i.e. near expressway, highway, interchange and potential location for high speed rail station and its warm hospitality and humanities. The County Government leveraged commercial street project to boost local economy, provide green living space, improve road traffic, support community development, etc. to build Tuku into a livable small town with a LOHAS lifestyle.