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The town with mountains and rivers loved by Purple Crow Butterflies-Linnei Township

Linnei Township is one of three towns that boast mountain landscape in Yunlin County. Half hill, half plain, the beautiful forests and fields are perfect places for beautiful and rare animals like Purple Crow Butterflies, Fairy Pitta, etc. to inhabit or serve as a transit point. Combined with efforts in environmental conservation and community development by local ambitious people and existing cultural heritages like Hakka Tobacco Building, Zhuoshui Power Plant, etc., the ecology and cultural environment are even more diversified. Tourists can enjoy a leisure, and informative journey. Moreover, just located by the Zhuoshui River, Linnei Township has favorable natural conditions to develop high-quality agriculture. The “Tainung No.2” papayas and Pingding tea enjoy high reputation nationwide. Linnei Township is also an important promotion place of the “Agriculture capital” policy created by the County Government.