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Fixing the Flood in Huwei before September

To solve the problem of serious flooding on roads in Huwei Township, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) has moved the power lines on numerous roads and intersections on Dachen Street. Meanwhile Magistrate Lee, who rushed the Department of Water Resources to fix all kinds of problem, is maintaining the society a good and neat space of living.

The 6th and 7th street at Dachen, where the power lines and water pipes intersects, are needed to remove power lines first in order to suck the water out. The County Government and TPC has met at least fifteen times to discuss the work. Each delay will caused more than 200 days of non-construction work day.

Magistrate Lee has checked the location in person on 19th of August, and TPC has agreed to finish its removal on the 28th of August. If fail to do so, the Government will not wait any longer but implement a road fix on the 29th.

In fact TPC has finish constructed on its removal on power lines on the 28th of August. Magistrate Lee was incredulously shocked that such issue could be handle easily but taking many days instead. Due to numerous complaints and conflict from residents, TPC has seriously damaged their company brand. They should held full responsibility regarding the issue and should deeply discuss the problem preventing similar issue occur in future.

To maintain a positive image of service from the Government, Magistrate Lee has apologies for the inconvenience that has caused more than five months to fix in which the problem could easily be handled in a day.

Translator: M. Lee