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Road Safety for Cyclists

Yunlin County Government News Reference 104.9.21

To better protect the students and to ensure that they follow road safety rules thoroughly, the Douliu County Police Department hosted a workshop in Douliu Secondary School recently, to educate students more about road safety for bikes. Through case studies and short video clips, the Yunlin County Police Department hopes to deliver a clear massage across, and to explain all hidden factors concerning road safety, such as the concept of blind spot and inner wheel differentials, to cyclists.

The police department said, cyclists are to follow the same road safety instructions as cars and motorbikes, even though bikes are classified as “slow vehicle”. Moreover, the cyclist must make sure to turn his/her head around to check for incoming cars, because there are no signal lights nor rear view equipment available on bikes. The cyclist must also keep a safe distance with the larger cars to reduce the impact of suction and outward tractions generated by large cars.

The police department urges all cyclists to follow the road safety regulations for bikes. Please remember, “Courtesy is the only way to road safety”. Do not cut and switch lanes aggressively, do not speed, and give way. This is the only way we can ensure “leave home happily in the morning, and come home safely at night. “Safely”, is the only way to get home.