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Public Servant Artist “Lee-Rui-Shan” to debut his latest work “The Beauty of Kanman – 19th Ink Exhibition of Lee Rui-Shan”

Yunlin County Government News Reference 104.10.12

Master Lee Rui-Shan is opening the exhibition “The beauty of Kanman - the 19th Ink Exhibition of Lee Rui-Shan” at the convenient location of the Yunlin County Government Department of Cultural and Education Hall 1F, from 11/10/104 to 21/10/104, Master Lee Rui-Shan, from Sihu township of Yunlin County, has graduated with Chinese painting major from the National Taiwan University of Arts. He passed the National B Grade Special Exam and has served in public services for 30 over years since then. Since his retirement in ‘99 from the role of secretary in the department of Civil Services and Ethics, he has been painting during free time, and won many awards. Including the first place in the Nanying Art Exhibition, first place in the in the Taipei Shilin Art Exhibition, the second place in the Kaoshiong Art Exhibition, the first place in the Kaoshiong Xinnong Art Exhibition, and Provincial Exhibition, and Taiyang Art Exhibition, among other recognitions. His work has been collected by National Taiwan University of Arts, the City government of Marysville in California, USA, the Guilin Museum, and the Bulguksa Temple Art Museum in Korea. It is also collected by various celebrities such as opera troupe Yang Lihua, Ge Xiangting. Lee is given the street name Public Servant Artist.

This exhibition features works of ink. Lee Rui-Shan remembers his childhood in which he used to play alone the riverbank with clams and frogs in the countryside neighborhood that he grew up in. The Kanman is the most seen element in these sceneries. The southbound wind from fall has created a silvery wave of Kanman, and becomes part of the phenomenal skyline. The Kanman grows in this difficult environment yet prospers. It is a spirit that we all should learn from. The vitality and strength and expressed vividly through the work of the artist.