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Real estate transactions should be filed on time via the Real-time Reporting System platform to avoid penalty

Yunlin County Government News Reference 104.10.13

Real-time real estate transactions should declared within the time frame given to avoid penalty. The Land Administration Department said that all parties under the obligation must report any real estate transaction related issues, according to the current real-time real-estate reporting policies.

The Land Administrative Department also points out that penalties will be imposed if any of the following acts was violated: Equalization of Land Rights Act, Land Administration Agent Act, Real Estate Broking Management Act, and other regulations related to the real-time reporting system.

If you have any questions, please call the County Government Land Office at 05-5522703 or Douliu Land Office, Lands Office (05) 5322172 ext. 321,

Siluo Land Office (05) 5862028 ext. 301, Beigang Land Office (05) 7836196 extension 201, Dounan Land Office (05) 5974111 ext. 301, Huwei Land Office (05) 6322070 ext. 23, Taihsi Lands Office (05) 6980579 ext. 302,

We will be at your service for more detailed explanations.