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The 2015 Sewage Manhole Cover Decoration Contest Begins

Yunlin County Government News Reference 104.10.21

In effort to promote and establish a positive image of the sewage systems in Huwei and Beigang, the Yunlin County Government aims to challenge the public’s impression of manhole covers through hosting the 2015 manhole cover decoration contest. The contest will incorporate elements of regionality, functionality, and local cultures. The decoration contest will raise the environmental awareness of the public, by letting them take part in the city’s revitalizing works.

The contest will be host in Beigang and Huwei, independently, the work should be primarily in black and white, as clear and simple as possible, and should contain the wording “Yun Sewage”. The font, format, and position of the wording are not limited. No photos are to be used, and the work should remain creative, and produced in mind of the local cultures.

There is no limit to the eligibility of the contest, with a maximum of 3 pieces of work to be submitted by each contestant. Registration opens today until 11/30/2015. There will be 1 Gold medal, 1 Silver medal, and 1 Bronze medal, as well as 4 Excellence awards. The monetary prizes are worth 48,000 NTD in total, or 96,000 NTD for the two cities combined.

Gold medal: 25,000 NTD and 1 Certificate of Merit Silver medal: 10,000 NTD and 1 Certificate of Merit Bronze medal: 5,000 NTD and 1 Certificate of Merit Excellence medal: 4 slots, 2,000 NTD and 1 Certificate of Merit each

The result of the contest will be available on 12/25/2015 via the Yunlin County website. Please let ideas spread and become part of the local culture scene by joining the contest.