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Clarification Release: The conclusion in the EIA was rejected by the Supreme Court on 7/21/2010

Yunlin County Government News Reference 104.10.21

To address the recent inaccurate media reporting on Linnei Incineration Plant Environmental Impact Assessment, the Yunlin Country Government hereby makes a claim on the authenticity of the report.

The Yunlin Environmental Bureau said that, the termination of the contract with Darong Environment Limited was based on the following factors: 1. The EIA Report did not fully disclose the potential impact of the incineration plant to the environment (the conclusion in the report was rejected by the Supreme Court on 7/21/2010. 2. Darong Environment Limited did not disclose the act of bribery with government officials. 3. Darong Environment Limited has modified the design before gaining approval from the government. Out of which, the EIA played the most significant role.

Magistrate Lee also reiterated, that the government will be able to re-evaluate the case only after the underlying three factors have been sorted out. Magistrate Lee added, other than appealing as a debtor for the mistreatment of the case, the County Government has to be responsible for finding a sustainable solution to take care of the garbage in Yunlin.