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Procurement of bananas from Yunlin county government. Li Jinyong encourages people to eat more Taiwan fruits.

Yunlin bananas have reached its peak season and are packed with flavour. The Yunlin county government have been actively promoting these high-quality bananas. The sale of these bananas help provides the county’s primary and secondary schools and Evergreen canteen halls to enjoy this tasty fruit as well. Yunlin magistrate, Li Jinyong, Yunlin secretary-general, Huang Yufeng and Huwei mayor, Li Wenbin, visited the Evergreen Canteen in Huyao as well as Yunlin primary school on October 27th to present these bananas as gifts; So that the children and elders can enjoy the sweet and healthy fruits that came from all the banana farmers’ hard work. With hopes of people eating more of Taiwan’s fruits through utilizing active promotions from farmers.

County magistrate Li Jinyong mentioned Yunlin has roughly 600 hectares of planting areas for the bananas. As the temperature drops significantly from day to night in autumn, the bananas take a longer to fully grow, resulting in a fragrant, sweet and chewy texture that is well received by consumers.

The county magistrate, Li Jinyong further mentioned that agriculture is an economic lifeline for Yunlin. That the county government and farmers stands together on the same front; with the production and marketing experience of bananas to distribute to county schools and canteens, with hopes for students and the elderly to eat quality, nutritious and safe bananas. Demonstrating the Yunlin’s safe agricultural practices and high-quality agricultural crops.

With regards to the sale of bananas from the farmers within the county, public welfare activities allow the public to have the opportunity to try these bananas, but also to help integrate these nutritious meals as part of Evergreen canteens and schools’ everyday lunch meals. Through actively promoting high-quality agricultural products, the community are encouraged to purchase safe and high-quality products that are grown in Yunlin.

Bananas are high in nutritional value, containing abundant nutrients, satisfy hunger, and provides energy and healthy dietary fiber to promote gastrointestinal movement, and digestive capacity. Through utilizing fresh food policy for school lunch nutrition from the central government, Yunlin county government wishes that the students and those who visit the Evergreen canteen can eat fresh foods with a peace of mind.

Areas with higher altitude mainly produces spring and summer bananas; central regions focus on producing autumn and winter bananas. As of now, Yunlin, Chiayi, Nantou and Taichung areas have gradually started their autumn banana harvest period, Yunlin is an important critical origin of autumn bananas.