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Tongsheng Textile, Huwei Towel: 2017 Huwei Towel Festival- Taiwan Japan International Exchange

The 5th Huwei Towel Festival will be hosted in the Huwei town square on November 4th and 5th this year. This event is jointly organized by Japan’s TongSheng Textile Limited Company and Taiwan Huwei Towel Limited Company and other textile companies for an international exchange exhibition. To kick off the event, deputy magistrate, Ding Yanzhe, mayor Lin Wenbin, chairman of Taiwan Towel Industry Association, Zhang Xuchu, chairman of Yunlin Towel Industry Technology Development Association, Li Yingxing and many more will be attending the event.

Ding Yanzhe mentioned that in early September, the county government led the official representatives to visit Japan for industry inspections and participate Japan’s 84th Tokyo International Gift Fair and promote cooperation between Taiwan and Japan’s textile industry. Tongsheng Textile Limited Company and Huwei Towel Limited Company have planned different themes from the past to provide tourists a different experience. The theme pavilion will hold the ribbon cutting ceremony, a gesture to create additional solid foundations between Taiwan and Japan.

Ding Yanzhe emphasized that Huwei is the town of towels in Taiwan. 80% of towel manufacturers have established their manufacturing plants in the county of Yunlin. The output quality is the highest in Taiwan. The county government have invested in the towel industry for a long period and have had success in ensuring that the towels’ function and quality meets international standards.

Yunlin county government and Yunlin Towel Industry Science and Technology Development association, led the 3rd hearing of anti-dumping of towels from China to gather support from the towel industry on October 27th. This hearing provides the industry to vocalize their concerns on the negative impact dumping has on their industry.

Lin Wenbin noted that the 5th Huwei Towel Festival will be of great significance. The venue has a chimney, which was a part of the towel factory in the past. Huwei town hall intentionally created an image for its plaza, this year’s activities for the Towel Festival features meticulous live singing and dance performances, saxophone, drums and orchestra performances, and other various programs. In addition, Huwei’s God of Songs is invited to sing and perform gun dance. The bas has been set high for this event, elders and children are all welcome to attend the event and enjoy the scenery.

This year’s 2017, 5th Huwei Towel Festival conveys the message of inheritance. The second and third generation’s previous vigorous investments has created an new era of Huwei towel. Deputy mayor Ding Yanzhe and mayor Lin Wenbin jointly called upon the country to support MIT (made in Taiwan). Together, to taste and enjoy the delicious Huwei Towel special agricultural products that comes with the purchase of Huwei towels. Enjoy the creative dance performances and support the Huwei Towel.