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National Treasure Dancer – Liao Moxi – Relive the Classics

After 60 years of dancing, dancer Liao Moxi will be returning to her hometown in Yunlin to perform in “River of time” on November 11th (Sat), 7:30pm at the Cultural Affairs Department Performance Hall. A beautiful reproduction of a classic moment with beautiful stages.

Cultural Minister, Lim Mengyi, said that this is an important year for Liao Mo-hi, a national treasure dancer. When she was just 13, she went to stage at the Tainan Community Education Center with a choreographed performance entitled “Summer in the Ocean”, creating a lot of popular works. It has now been 60 years since then. At the age of 23, she founded the “Yi Jun Dance Club” in her home as a classroom. Starting with only 8 students in the beginning, she has been awarded the “50th year of Spring Training” by the Raffles Association of the Republic of China. From childhood, Liao danced with passion to the god of dance. The first half of “The River of Time” will illustrate the teacher’s emotions towards this land. The second half shows the good life that comes from persistence. Looking forward to such a dance spirit, is like a river constantly flowing forward, dancing in this wonderful life.

Liao Moxi, a dancer, said that in my whole life, there is only dance, and I will only dance. This dance show is not only the perfect moment for my solo dance career, but also hope to witness and inherit the history of dance in Taiwan. Having years of experience and a profound understanding of the localization and internationalization of dance; In this era of globalization, it is now possible to stage a show that illustrates different characteristics from local culture for international viewing.

Dancer Liao Moxi, has faced the dance pole her entire life, full of emotions and memories, this dance performance displays her lack of fear regarding her degenerating-knee. She will personally perform her interpretation of her gratitude towards the god of dance. “River of Time: Liao Moxi Six Decades of Dance Reflection”, composed of 6 classical dances selected by Liao Moxi and influenced by theatre director Lv Yi. The stage is designed by the Tainan Opera Group, Li Weimu. Among them, Wang Hua, head of Tainan Youth Dance Group, Li Baijin, artistic director of Yunlin Dance Company, and Li Yijin, a creative co-ordinator of migratory dance and interpretive performances. The team is made up of three-generations, demonstrating a heritage from each generation.

November 11th (Sat), 7:30 pm, all folks are welcome to Yunlin County Government’s Cultural Affairs Department to witness Liao Moxi and her classical moments. Admission tickets for the event is $400 NT. Please contact Yunlin County Tickets (06-3362632), All Hong Sporting Goods Agency (05-5339323), Tennessee Bookstore (05-5327966) or Liao Moxi Dance Theatre (06-2368596) for tickets. This will be the final stage, do not miss this show!

Performance information Program Name: River of Time - Sixty Years of Dance Art by Liao Moxi ◎ Yunlin field Performance time: November 11, 106 at 19:30 Venue: Yunlin County Government Cultural Department Performance Hall