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The Qingming Festival people sweep and visit the graves of the ancestors

A five-day holiday for the ChingMing Festival will immediately enter the peak of the tomb sweeping, and in view of the fact that many people have burned their joss paper in the past years, they leave and do not put out the fire . As a result, the fire accidents have burned the crops, vehicles, or buildings and have become more frequent. To reduce the occurrence of fire accidents caused by careless use of fire, the Yunlin Fire-Fighting Depatment reminds that when people use the fire to the tomb sweeping, they must “4 DO NOT 2 REMEMBER”: 4 Do not “discriminate” burning of weeds and “no” chaos Lost cigarette butts, "no" flies away, and "does not" set off firecrackers. The second is "remember to destroy the rest of the embers and remember to collect garbage."