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Excellent performance in handling farmers’occupational injury insurance - The Council of Agricultural (COA) commended the Yunlin County Government and 12 farmers associations in Yunlin County

Yunlin County Government News Reference Material 108.3.12

On March 11, 2019(108年), the Council of Agricultural (COA) of the Executive Yuan handled the "Reporter on the Promotion of farmers’occupational injury insurance", and presented awards and bonuses to the top 30 farmers associations that promoted the performance of farmers’occupational injury insurance to express their gratitude to farmers. This commendation includes 5 county and city governments including the 32 farmers associations such as Meinong District and the Yunlin County Government. Among them, 12 grassroots farmers associations in Yunlin County show that the Yunlin County Government and the farmers associations fully cooperate with the policies of the COA. Actively advocated, the county government also took the lead in the local governments to subsidize the premiums in full, Implementing care for farmers and making farmers better protected.