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The county government strives to build the Provincial Highway 78A and improve the external traffic of the Beigang area.

Yunlin County Government News References 108.08.22

In order to strengthen the integrity of the road network in the Yunlin area and smooth the external traffic in the Beigang area, the Yunlin County Government plans to build the Provincial Highway 78A(PH 78A, Chinese: 台78甲線) link to the Huwei Interchange and has completed the feasibility assessment report to the General Administration of Communications of the Ministry of Communications. Magistrate Chang Li-shan After taking office on December 25, 2018, immediately comprehensively understood and consolidated the various traffic constructions in the county. On May 1, 2019, Magistrate Chang also led a team to the Ministry of Communications to visit Minister Lin Jialong and fight for the PH 78A was built to enhance the transportation of the Beigang area an promote the tourism development of the whole Yunlin County.