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2019 15th Yunlin Culture and Art Awards Ceremony

Yunlin County Government News Reference Material 108.11.23

The 15th Yunlin Culture and Art Awards Ceremony was held at the Beigang Cultural Center this afternoon. The county government specially arranged a red carpet for the stars, and returned the glory to the winners. Magistrate Chang Li-shan accompanied the award winners - Glove puppetry (Chinese: 布袋戲) of master Zhong Renbi, BeiGuan (Chinese: 北管) of the old artist Li Chunsheng, and the Heritage and historical worker Lin Yongcun walked the red carpet and accepted the cheers of the people. The atmosphere was warm. In addition to the winners of this year, the winners of the first prizes were invited to return to their homes, and different generations of artists gathered to witness the growth and development of Yunlin culture and art.