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Strengthen clearance and transportation during the Spring Festival, and overtime for garbage collection on Kitchen God Festival and New Year's Eve

Issued by: Information Department-Public Relations Section

Yunlin County Government News Reference Material 109.01.19

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and households would be cleaned at the end of the year. Providing garbage removal service during the Spring Festival, in addition to the garbage collection on the the Kitchen God festival (also known as Little New Year's Eve), the cleaning teams of townships and cities would collect garbage at noon and night on January 24 (New Year's Eve). The collection and transportation points remain the same. Please pay attention to the garbage truck music, divide the garbage into general garbage, resource recovery and kitchen waste, and deliver it to the cleaning team for recovery and transportation at the time and place of removal in each area. The garbage collection and transportation during the Spring Festival in all towns and cities Time, you can go to the Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau website or FB community to check.