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2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival-Yunlin theme light district showcases Yunlin's agricultural and cultural characteristics

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival is in Taichung, and the Yunlin County Government is also flourishing. From now until February 23, it will be in the good city Gongrong District in the Huli Forest Park in Taichung City. The "Purple Butterfly" of the township set the Yunlin theme light district as a concept. On the 8th, the county chief Chang, Li-shan and the first-level director of the county government officially turned on the lights, not only to show Yunlin's agricultural and cultural advantages, but also to convey that Yunlin is the hometown of the Lantern Festival. It is the spirit of craftsmanship.


Yunlin County Mayor Chang, Li-shan said that in order to show the charm and tourism characteristics of Yunlin, the Yunlin theme light district uses Yunlin culture and religious characteristics, combined with Yunlin's rich agricultural, fishing, and animal husbandry industries, to convey the meaning of the symbiosis of culture and agriculture. , Not only is the lively and colorful festival festive atmosphere, the people come to enjoy the lanterns, not only can you understand Yunlin's industrial characteristics and rich cultural connotation as a major agricultural tourism county, but also see the good craftsmanship of Yunlin's local craftsmen. I look forward to promoting Yunlin's high-quality agricultural, fishery, animal husbandry products and local religious culture, and invite everyone to visit Yunlin to experience the beauty of Yunlin and taste the local cuisine.


The theme of this year's Yunlin theme light district is "Yongchun to Wang" as the theme. It was designed and produced by Wang Yaorui, a lantern artist in the lakeside town of Yunlinkou. With the concept of traditional lion rolling in a temple, a stout male lion crouches on a beautiful ball. The stone carved lion in Yunlin's religious culture has been brought to life, and the six sub-lamps dancing around the purple butterflies also depict the ecological conservation features of Yunlin, including the Mixiang style of Zhuoshuixi, peanuts, sesame oil , Colorful radishes, mullet, clams, milkfish and other agricultural and fishery specialties, as well as green tunnels, swaying mountains and seas, and lively, delicate and fun puppet shows. At the same time, it also highlights "Taiwan's lightest travel" The demands of various agricultural specialties are diverse and lively and pleasing, giving people a happy harvest and happiness.


The county magistrate said, thank the Taichung city government team for their concerted efforts to pass the spirit of all counties and cities across the country to all the people, and also thank the artists who created the lanterns for their hard work, so that people can immediately understand the clouds when they come to Yunlin Light District The characteristics of Lin, in addition to the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Yunlin is the birthplace of lanterns. The county government also has five main light districts in Beigang. From now until February 16, I hope everyone can come to Yunlin to worship Mazu and watch the Yunlin tradition. The lanterns combined with innovation. Our alley lanterns are very special. The Shuidao Cultural Park exhibits lantern works with the theme of "Life Travel" and "Jiqing Reunion". The five major light districts have their own characteristics. People from all over the country are welcome Watch.