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Yunlin County will distribute free medical masks for another week in response to the needs of medically injured patients (2/17 ~ 2/21)

The Yunlin County Government's "Major injuries and illnesses do n’t have to worry if they do n’t have masks when they see a doctor", 2/3 ~ 2/15 are targeted at people in the county who have a certificate of major injuries or have a fever (> = 38 degrees), It can be obtained from various township and city health clinics, and each person with a serious injury or illness who wants to seek medical treatment or whose current temperature exceeds 38 degrees, and those accompanying him, provide one mask each. The number of people claiming within 10 days has reached 6,812, which really cares for the health of the villagers.


Although the real-name system for selling masks has been launched on February 6, the public can purchase it from the health insurance special pharmacy with a health insurance card. There is no special pharmacy in the rural area and can be purchased at the local health clinic. Each health insurance card can be used for 10 yuan to buy 2 masks, which cannot be re-purchased within 7 days. Because the central command center's mask real-name system policy is still changing, in order to remove the concerns of the county residents, the county chief Chang Li-shan decided to extend it for another week. If you can't get a face mask if you need medical treatment, please go to the health center during working hours from 2/17 to 2/21.


The Central Epidemic Outbreak Command Center announced on February 10: In order to take care of patients with special medical needs, about 130,000 tablets per day will also be provided by medical institutions to come for dialysis (renal dialysis), cancer chemotherapy or Radiation therapy, or other physicians assessing special patients who must see a doctor frequently, every other day, or every week due to their illness, and accompanying patients who provide inpatients (limited to one patient each). Or to accompany the sick, you can register with the designated department of the medical institution to obtain a piece of medical mask. The medical institution must make a booklet management so that the requisitioned mask can be properly distributed and used. The general public is still requested to purchase real-name masks using pharmacies or health centers in various places.