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"Gold diamonds last forever, one perpetual pass" - Yunlin pineapple comes on

Yunlin pineapple is about to enter the main production season. On the 6th, Magistrate Chang Li-shan went to the Gukeng Yongxing Production Cooperative "Golden Diamond forever, one forever" pineapple marketing press conference, recommending Yunlin's local pineapple and its diverse products Cooking. Magistrare Chang Li-shan said that the golden diamond pineapples produced by Yunlin are of high quality and high nutritional value, and fresh or processed products are first-class products with both taste and health. Invite good friends from all over the country to eat the seasonal food, and the farmers would plant them carefully. Yunlin pineapples are here and hope that folks could buy a lot of high-quality agricultural specialties with quality assurance and good quality.