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Report on the serious special infectious pneumonia epidemic in Yunlin County

Epidemic report

According to the statistical data of the Central Epidemic Command Center and the Yunlin County Health Bureau, up to 2 pm on (7) day, there were 0 newly diagnosed cases and a total of 443 confirmed cases of severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) in Taiwan area. A total of 7 people died and 430 people were released from quarantine. There were 0 new cases in the epidemic situation in Yunlin County, 6 people were diagnosed cumulatively and 6 people were released from quarantine.

Dissemination of key issues in epidemic prevention: COVID-19 Taiwan's key epidemic prevention decision-making online!

-The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)said today (7) that the global epidemic of COVID-19 is raging, and Taiwan area is still responding and controlling it effectively and quickly, minimizing the impact of the epidemic on people's lives.