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The two-year anniversary of the Inauguration - Yunlin New Deal - Magistrate Chang Li-sha breaks through the wind and waves

The two-year anniversary of the inauguration of Magistrate Chang Li-shan today (24) moved to San-Tiau-Luen(三條崙) Beach in ZuHu(四湖), a unique combination of Yunlin International Kite Surfing School inauguration ceremony, Magistrate Chang personally experienced kite surfing, showing team innovation, enthusiasm, Vibrant service scene. In addition to reporting to the villagers on the results of the second anniversary of the inauguration, Magistrate Chang Li-shan announced the theme of "Leap. 2030 Yunlin New Deal" and announced that it would focus on one heart, two axes, three industries (leaf), four forces, five goals and six values.  To lay the foundation of the vision project for the next ten years, so that the villagers would be more aware of the future direction and positioning of Yunlin.