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The Yungao Charity Association of Kaohsiung City assisted the mother county to award 2.67 million Qinghan scholarships to 445 Qinghan students in Douliu City and Xiluo Township

2021 Kaohsiung City Yungao Charity Association Qinghan Scholarship Award Ceremony was held today (28) at Gongcheng Elementary School Activity Center. This event donated 2.67 million yuan in bursaries to 29 schools (445 Qinghan students) at all levels in Douliu City and Xiluo Town. Magistrate Chang Li-shan personally attended to present a certificate of appreciation to the Yungao Charity Association, and hoped that the award-winning students would work hard to learn and do their best to contribute to the society in the future, imitating the Yungao Charity Association to give back to the spirit of society.