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Healthy from the epidemic, Yunlin Liangpin’s e-commerce platform "SuiYongKang" Vegetable Boxes are selling well

In the face of the escalation of the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, there have been crowds of people lining up to buy people’s livelihood products across Taiwan. The Yunlin County Government’s Yunlin Liangpin e-commerce platform, to serve the vast number of consumers who support Yunlin County’s agricultural products, took the lead last Friday (14) Launched the "SuiYongKang" home-made epidemic prevention vegetable box, which sold out after it was on the shelves, and the packaging plant at the production site continued to work overtime to replenish the goods; in response to the needs of the general public, the platform again launched the epidemic prevention food zone "Healthy from the epidemic", providing fruit and vegetable boxes, livestock Poultry products, rice, noodles, oil, food, fruits, etc. are all available, which is convenient for the people to eat healthily during epidemic prevention at home.