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The Douliu City Ring Water Dance Show has been adjusted time to allow more people to see her beauty

The Douliu Circle is an important landmark in the center of Douliu, and the Water Dance Square in the center of the circle was an important memory in the hearts of many Douliu people of the previous generation 20 years ago. However, due to the frequent use of water dance facilities for many years, the water dance performance has also been stopped for more than ten years, and the crowds and stalls have gradually dissipated. In order to restore the former prosperity, the government spent nearly 38 million yuan to renovate Douliu Circle and its surrounding facilities, and invited Xie Mingxun, a well-known Taiwanese expert in water dance sound and light design, as the art director, and integrated technology to inject new soul into Douliu Circle. The project was completed before the Chinese New Year on January 28, 2022.