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The Qikan martial arts shines on Zhao'an, Zhao'an Xizi Perform Puppet Show, Thousands of Fire Dragon Tourist Village! Yunlin Zhao'an Hakka Culture Festival is lively from 9/3 to 10/4!

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Yunlin Zhao’an Hakka Culture Festival was held at the Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall on the evening of 9/3. Magistrate Chang Li-shan, Chung Kung-chao, Deputy Minister of the Hakka Affairs Council(HAC), Li Mingzhe, County Councillor, Li Hongyi, Mayor of Lunbei Township, Xiao Mingxian, Chairman of Chongxian Temple in Shuibiantou, Chen Bijun, Director of Culture and Tourism Department, and a number of local residents jointly lighted a large torch symbolizing the image of "passing down the fire from generation to generation", inviting people from all over the country to actively visit Yunlin Hakka Village in autumn and experience the hospitality and enthusiasm of Yunlin people, Magistrate Chang and others later held torches to visit the village with many people from all over the country. The long dragon of people turned into a "fire dragon" flying in the village, and the scene was spectacular and lively.

Magistrate Chang Li-shan pointed out that the areas of Lunbei Township, Erlun Township, and Xiluo Township in Yunlin County are the most densely populated areas of "Zhao'an Hakka" settlements in Taiwan. Up to now, it still retains the precious Zhao'an Hakka tones, traditional folk customs, skills and food; every Mid-Autumn Festival, Yunlin is full of hakka atmosphere. This series of activities is carried out in three townships including Lunbei, Erlun and Xiluo. The activities are combined with schools, communities and temples to cooperate and inherit Zhao'an Hakka culture is rich and diverse in content, and the public is welcome to participate actively.