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County Magistrate Chang Li-Shan Led the County Government Team to Engage in a Digitalization Symposium with Parchim County in Germany, Sharing Yunlin’s Innovation Efforts

On the morning of May 29th, 2023, Stefan Sternberg, the County Mayor of Parchim County, Christian Pegel, the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Construction, and Digitalization, Olaf Steinberg, the President of the County Council, Jana Haak, the Director of the Protocol Department, and additional relevant staff visited the Yunlin County Sports Technology Demonstration Center. Their visit was received by the Yunlin County Government Planning Department and the Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech). Su Chun-Zeng, YunTech University’s Vice President, stated that the Yunlin County Sports Technology Demonstration Center is a collaborative project between the Yunlin County Government, YunTech, and the National Health Agency. The project focuses on the development of a base centered around "sports technology," combining sports experience with sports technology. It offers a series of sports courses, provides professional teaching guidance, and establishes a data platform through the measurement of sports data. The measurement information is digitized while also providing corresponding exercise training for the elderly population, thus integrating sports technology into people's daily lives. The Yunlin County Sports Technology Demonstration Center utilizes technology to introduce healthy sports and cooperates with communities using "base-to-base connections and community-to-community connections." Such efforts actively bring sports technology into community courses, allowing the public to undergo physical fitness testing and experience related services of sports technology.

On the afternoon of May 29th, County Magistrate Chang Li-Shan and Deputy County Magistrate Xie Shu-Ya of the Yunlin County Government, along with 14 heads of agencies and departments, held a digitalization symposium and exchange meeting in the County Government Conference Center with officials from Parchim County. Liao Min-Feng, Deputy Director of the Planning Department, shared how Yunlin utilizes smart technology to promote an innovative net-zero emission transformation. Future emission reduction and decarbonization will convert Yunlin into a truly smart city.